Labrador Puppies by Rosie


Northglen Kante x Westernskeley Cameron (Black) 6 Black Pups

Labrador Puppies by Sam


Ready February 2020

​OFTW Northglen Crumble x Chlorobauch's Blossom (Choc) 5 Choc Pups

OFTW Northglen Crumble x Greenland Rosie (Choc) 8 Choc Pups

Ready March 2020

OFTW Northglen Crumble x Staffa Seal (Choc) 4 Choc Pups

Arriving March 2020

​OFTW Northglen Crumble x Banquet of Love (Choc)

OFTW Northglen Crumble x Nevilleview Bramble (Black)

OFTW Northglen Crumble x Tove Valley Bear (Black)

OFTW Northglen Crumble x Monika Magda (Choc)

Arriving April 2020

OFTW Northglen Crumble x Sweetest Devotion (Black) Carrying Choc

Labradoodal Puppies by Sam

Ready February 2020

OFTW Northglen Crumble x Wispa (Black) 7 pups

Labrador Puppies by Hebbie


FTAW Verrad Firefly x Northglen Simona ( 6 Black 4 Choc)

Stewart North Kennel Club assured Breeder

Labrador Puppies Sired by Northglen Crumble (Sam)
FTW Northglen Crumble x Weatherbury Liberty (Choc) 7 Choc Pups
FTW Northglen Crumble x OFTW Ballagan Handa of Northglen (Black) 4 Black Pups
FTW Northglen Crumble xNevilleview Bramble (Black)  7 Black Pups
FTW Northglen Crumble x  Sweetest Devotion (Black) 10 Pups 7 Black 3 Choc
FTW Northglen Crumble x Verrad Lolita (Choc) 10 Choc Pups
FTW Northglen Crumble x Verrad Foxglove (Black) 8 Pups 5 Black 3 Choc

​OFTAW Northglen Crumble x Isobel Hope Prim Rose (Choc) 10 Choc Pups

OFTAW Northglen Crumble x Brooksmill Noir (Black) 8 Pups 4 Choc

OFTAW Northglen Crumble x Flower Lillies Fern (Choc) 7 Choc Pups

OFTAW Northglen Crumble x Like Stars on Earth (YELLOW) 5 Black Pups

OFTAW Northglen Crumble x Angelscharm Violet (Choc) 4 Pups

OFTAW Northglen Crumble x Softy Susie (Choc) 5 Pups

​OFTW Northglen Crumble x Northglen Skye (Black) 8 Black Pups

OFTW Northglen Crumble x Fallowfen Miss Curtis (Choc) 7 Pups

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