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Chocolate Gundog

Stewart North has been breeding and training gundogs for 20 years, Registered with The Royal Kennel Club as an Assured Breeder and one of a few gundog handlers to qualify for both Retriever Championship and Cocker Championships. 

Our breeding produced OFTW Northglen Gem which qualified for the 2019 Cocker Championship, & OFTW Northglen Crumble was Awarded a Championship B Qualification in 2018 & 2 Championship x B Qualifications in 2019 IGL Retriever Championships

We have produced 3 Open Field Trial Winners and 17 All Aged/Novice Field Trial Winners and have over 200+ Working Test Awards to his credit.

Stewart is a B Panel UK Judge and has also Judged is France, Germany, Switzerland,  Sweden & Hungary

More information can be found on Google just use the search reference Stewart North Working Gundogs.

Stewart is one of few UK Breeders of Chocolate Labradors to produce an Open Field Trial  Winner.

  • OFTW Northglen Crumble (Sam)
  • (Wingbeat Skipper x Johnogaunt Cookie Crumble)
  • Fieldfare Feder of Northglen
  • (Northglen Nadal x Lady Fudge Burton)
  • Northglen Breeze (Arya)
  • (FTAW Verrad Firefly x Northglen Kante)
  • Northglen Alexandra Park (Jessie)
  • (OFTW Flashmount Tenor of Tagabea x Northglen Karolina)
  • Northglen Kante (Rosie)
  • (FTW Killyrudden Fitroy of Flypatch x Johnoagaunt Cookie Crumble)
  • Northglen Nadal (Billy) carries Choc
  • OFTW Northglen Crumble x OFTW Ballagan Handa of Northglen (IGL RETRIEVER CHAMPIONSHIP 2015
  • Northglen Karolina (Jazz)
  • FTW Deerbridge Lawrence x Johnogaunt Cookie Crumble
  • Brooksmill Gertrude (Susie)
  • OFTW Northglen Crumble X Brooksmill Noir