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Pedigree Fieldfare Federer of Northglen

Fieldfare Federer of Northglen @ STUD BVA Hips 5/5, BVA Elbows 0/0, BVA Eyes CLEAR

DNA CLEAR of Prcd-PRA, EIC, CNM, SD2, HNPK ( All Results can be verified on Kennel Club health Checker

SIRE Northglen Nadal (Billy) x DAM Lady Fudge Burton (Fudge) Interesting to note Billy was sired by OFTW Northglen Crumble & OFTW Ballagan Handa of Northglen and Fudge was sired by Flashmount Mickley, Mickley was sired by Flashmount Guilder who is the sire behind OFTW Flashmount Tenor of Tagabea

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