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Chocolate Gundog

Home Bred Northglen Lester Hunt (Lester) team member and Winners of DRC German Cup 2024 the highest accolade in Germany, in the last 12 months Lester & Janna Zours won the East Midlands GC Novice Working Test, then went on to win Novice Mock Field Trial and Open Working Test in Germany and now qualified for the National Team. Outstanding Performance, the first ever Working Chocolate Labrador to help WIN the German Cup.

One of a kind.

Breeding the Best.....

How do we define the best? for us its a combination of good temperament, good health and must be fit for purpose, the latter being proven by recommendation and achievement in the field

Temperament is everything and in our opinion comes above any achievement in competition or 200 DNA Test Results

Health is obviously important but not at the detriment of discarding excellent bloodlines for being carriers or limiting gene pools

Fit for Purpose....our record of achievements is a matter of public record

Home Bred OFTW Northglen Crumble (Sam) Open Winning Field Trial Working Chocolate Labrador with 40 Awards